List of Copyright Infringements on IMVU

This page is for informational purposes only. You are allowed to add creators who stole from you, or used something stolen from you. You're not allowed to add creators who supposedly stole something from someone you know.

As of 09/18/2014 you must be registered before you can submit. One account per user is allowed.

#1       Nov 15. 2020 - 12:17 pm

Report a catalog

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(i) * Confirmed thief is someone who has uploaded illegally extracted meshes or textures, and it can be proved. Please note that some creators have found (or bought) textures/meshes that are stolen, but they don't know about it. We don't call people thieves, we just expose catalogs that contain stolen art.

If you can't find any stolen products in a reported catalog, that means they have been removed by now, and that catalog sould be watched for new possible infringements. We do NOT tolerate false reports!

* Some submissions may have a different name than in IMVU catalog, but the profile picture is correct. It can happen when a user changes their name, and this page has not been updated yet (old cache).

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: website and admin(s) take no responsibility for posts submitted to this website by any individual other than our admin(s). Everyone IS responsible for THEIR OWN submissions.

If you see any submission that appears to be false, please try to contact the person who submitted that particular entry. Try to resolve your dispute. It is technically impossible for and our admin(s) to look into every dispute and determine who is right.

If you have resolved your dispute, or you are unable to contact the person who submitted you here without grounds, then contact us -- provide all the names and details in a short message, and we'll remove the post. Also note that buying or downloading files that turn out to be stolen does not make you innocent.